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Two Stage Vacuum Pumps – High Quality Vacuum Products from Leading Vacuum Pump Manufacturing Company

Finetech Vacuum Pumps manufactures and supplies high quality vacuum products including Two Stage Vacuum Pumps. Our two stage vacuum pumps are designed specifically by comprising the profound needs of different industries for its specific usage. It has an advantage of higher capacity at high vacuum and requires low quantity of water at low pressure. We design our products by comprehending the all application criteria and parameters to make the product superior in terms of quality and performance. We utilize most modern technology to manufacture the product with highest standards based on international norms. Our two stage vacuum pumps also save energy and efficiently used by several industries all across the country.

Two Stage Vacuum Pumps - Unmatched Quality, Superior Performance and Durability

Our technically advanced design pump comprises several efficient features including closed loop liquid operation, and automatic control. The working of Two Stage Vacuum Pump is mainly based on water.

It develops maximum 720 mm Hg, when sealing water temperature is 30oc (755 mm Hg barometric pressure & suction temperature of 30oc) and achieve a vacuum of up to 740 mm of Hg, when sealing water temperature of 15o c to 18o c. As a result of most recent technology, we have started designing a compact model of products which can accommodate in small space compare to a single stage vacuum pump.

Industry We Serve

As a one of the leading Two Stage Vacuum Pump manufacturers and suppliers in India, Finetech Vacuum Pumps supplies its products to several industries that includes

• Beverage industries
• Chemical industries
• Research centers
• All kinds of food industries

Fields Application

• Dehydrates and filtration Processes
• Distillation, Evaporation & Drying
• Deodorization Evacuation
• Sterilizing
• Conveying, Venting & Sucking


• Maximum Vacuum: 720mm of Hg
• Capacity: 100m3/hr to 1500 m3/hr
• Power: 5 hp to 50 hp

Salient Features

• Excellent Quality
• Simple & rugged construction
• Trouble Free Operation
• Advanced Two Stage Design enables Faster & Higher Vacuum Level
• Best in Performance
• Maximum Durability
• Maintenance Free

Finetech Vacuum Pumps is a renowned Ahmadabad, Gujarat based company manufacturers a gamut of vacuum products including double stage vacuum pumps, vacuum compressors and vacuum spares.

Technical Specification

Pump Model Max. Cap (m3/hr.) Water Reqd. (LPM) Rec.Motor HP/Speed
FTT - 5 90 7 05/1450
FTT - 7 160 9 7.5/1450
FTT - 10 220 14 10/1450
FTT - 15 330 20 15/1450
FTT - 20 460 24 20/1450
FTT - 25 560 30 25/1450
FTT - 30 725 40 30/1450
FTT - 40 1080 50 40/1450
FTT - 50 1200 60 50/1450
FTT - 60 1500 75 60/1450